it's my journey to love

May be... it's true

May be it's true that I love you but,
theirs something I I wanna say you.
Three Christmas down the line,
still you were not mine.

Let's try to begin with the beginning,
it was autumn & it was shivering.
The tale of a lad who tried & tried,
His lust, his strength in her lies.

Came a pal with a swizzling breeze,
O! my God, he has been freezed.
During winter when he was a teen,
their friendship blossomed during sweet fifteen.

Slowly & swiftly years passed,
lad got everything he had not asked.
All of a sudden a guy in her life landed
& very soon he was left stranded.

Howling & crying he prayed to God
" Why did you do this, you do this God",
In the night came an angel , in hand a dove,
vowed to give him back his love,
only if the love for her is true
, very soon he'll taste the love fruit.

Nothing happened as the angel told,
no matter the lad was bold.
Till date the lad & tha pal have never mate,
some thought he has been checkmate.

Years passed but story the same,
everyone called the lad insane.
Walking on the same path he didn't turned back again,
his love for her till date has gained.
And if you thought who in the tale is "he",
than let me say it proudy................ It's me, It's me, It's me

Poetry by nirvana- AN ODYSSEY
Read 766 times
Written on 2005-12-16 at 11:43

Tags Love  Friendship  God 

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