Yeah! what would you do IF YOU WERE GOD...? Think you could do a better Job? So how about it........ begin!



What would you do if you were God
Directing thoughts and filling hearts
What would you be if you knew it all...
Possessed it all, like the God you are?

Now let's pretend that you are God
Or a chip from the block, a perfect ten
Now practice, practice, what would you change
How will you create a better plan?

What would you do, if you for once
Could see it all, could feel it all
The so called good, the so called bad
Knowing consciously that you were God?

How would you change the way we walk
The way we talked the way we thought
How will you run the world, pray tell
As CEO of the great Universe?

In shoes this size will you realize
The world is fine and change your mind
Or would you make it shiny new
What would it look like, if you could?

How will you change all that you are
The so called good, the so called bad
Or will you leave you as you are
With your life unfolding as it should?

Poetry by Kulanga
Read 608 times
Written on 2007-11-30 at 01:59

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somehow i think you wrote this poem, knowing that Gods shoes are big shoes to fill. You just wanted to prove that it doesnt matter who you are and what brilliant ideas you have,being God is not by far easy and we all know that the world has its problems but could you have done better. THIS POEM IS VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING AND WELL WRITEN.
and somehow by asking this one question so many more are being answered

Amanda K
Big question but no one can be GOD!!!!