White Blanket

I had a white blanket that covered all of my deepest fears
If it was cold, when I was 9 years old I would sink down and hold it so tightly near

I had a white blanket to hide from the outside world as it helped me to create my own
The lit flashlights reflected the bright whites and illuminated my dark nights
There my fantasies would drown the hateful sounds and the poundings of nearby screaming and fist fights
I felt helplessly alone but I could fall asleep deep down underneath

...and I was home...

I had a white blanket that was comforting and soft but I used it to much
I wore out all of its brightness and touch
I never thought that I would ever miss it this much

It felt like an angel's wing had come to protect me
And I knew that it would never neglect me

I had a white blanket years ago, when I was young
Now I sleep bare and naked, cold, battered and forsaken
I have since searched for a new one, but it seems as if they have all been taken
I fall forever and wish that in this place I sleep, still sank me down as deep
So that I would have never been awaken.

I am thankful for the things that I have and the places I've been
I thank you for your time and inspiration; for when these words end, then your thoughts begin...

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 556 times
Written on 2008-09-30 at 19:52

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Dee Daffodil
Where would we be without our security blankets ? Eventually, we replace those material possessions with the security from within...if we're lucky. Nicely written...very beautiful !

I havent much to say except this evokes so much emotion! Beautiful poem though.