The Mark of the Endtime

We see but we don't perceive
We hear and we don't understand


The Asian Dragon's binary codes rule in scary silence
Awaiting the destruction of the advancing Eagle's Forces
The hidden history emerging with its confusing twists
And challenging the basis of the supreme existence

With the miracles of science and DNA all things become possible
Global Identity's collaboration invades our existence in fears
In the threat of our climate and terrorism, our fears become enable
As we advance towards the absolute power of the electronic cyphers

The mark has been introduced in electronic chips
Some animals and prisoners had been injected
Even our communications are chips-inserted
In our wallet, travels the empowered chips

Our deal with the fruits of Science now threatens our existence
Science and some had been doomed to burn as the Sun advances

Poetry by Saheed Giwa
Read 572 times
Written on 2007-12-03 at 15:11

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