The Gift of life

It is the same with the son of man
The son of man did not come for others to serve ... Read More
The son of man came to serve other people
The son of man came to give his life to save people
Matt 20:28

Behold! ......" O Jesus! I will take thee,
raise thee to myself and clear thee
of those who blaspheme
I will make those who follow thee
superior to those who reject strong believe
to the day of resurrection; then shall you all return to me
and I will judge between you of the matters wherein you dispute
Al Quran- S.3 A.55

Believe in my ways and work righteousness
Believe in my words and accept Goodness [Ela]
Believe and work righteous against evil
Allah loveth not those who do wrong like the devil

What would you do when 'live' becomes pure reversed evil?
Where would you be when the living are separated from the devil
Accept righteousness to L-I-V-E against E-V-I-L
And beware of becoming 'L-I-V-E-D' along with the D-E-V-I-L

Poetry by Saheed Giwa
Read 773 times
Written on 2009-09-11 at 12:56

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