Part 1

Liatin I


'And why,' asked Liatin, 'would the King want me to fight for him? I haven't spoken to you father for months.'
The princess merely stared at Liatin, a slight smirk on her face. She seemed to realise she had been staring after a few moments, when she shook her head to wake herself, her golden hair shimmering down her back as she did.
'I could not tell you Liatin,' she sneered, 'why my father wants a petty rogue like yourself to fight for him, I honestly don't understand. Nevertheless, it is you he asked for, by name. He is your King, Liatin, and you would do well not to argue when summoned by him. Though I have to say, the idea of a mere thief against the Black Mages is laughable, no matter how much ah royal favouritism you channel towards you. Yes Liatin,' she said at the mildly shocked expression on Liatin's thin face. 'I am fully aware of my father's unreasoned fondness of you. In fact I rather resent it.' At this her smirk turned to a rather sour expression, which Liatin found immensely satisfying. Liatin loved the King as a father, a brother and as her monarch, but could not help a minor loathing toward his smarmy daughter. Princess Sinle was beautiful, sarcastic, elegant and spiteful, and had inherited nothing from her father other than her good looks and golden hair. She had none of her fathers intelligence, wit or bravery, just a jealous thirst for power and riches.
Liatin could not imagine anyone more unlike herself in appearance or personality. Sinle was at least a head taller, if not more, and where golden curls framed the princess's heart-shaped face, thick, straight black almost covered Liatin's thin one. Sinle's eyes were small and hazel, Liatin's large, almond shaped and electric blue. Sinle's lips were full, her cheeks rosy and her nose button and perfect. Liatin's lips were thin, her cheeks hollowed and her nose long and narrow. Both were extremely attractive (Sinle slightly more groomed and glamorous), which accentuated another difference between the two. Where the princess was fully aware of her looks, and prepared to use them to get anything she wanted, Liatin was not.
'I suppose this is a difficult task for you Sinel, not being able to flirt and charm and bed me to get your own way,' said Liatin, smiling.
At this, Sinle's beautiful face contorted with rage.
'You-you dare mock ME! You will meet your own sticky end one day, mark my words. For future reference you common bandit (Sinle had always seemed to regard "common" as the highest of insults), it is Sinle. Sin-lee! Though to you it always ought be "princess" or "your highness".'
At this she turned to leave. Liatin felt a twinge of panic; she had to know why the King wanted her, and how much Sinle knew.
"An inappropriate name for you, isn't it?' she called, inventing wildly, after the fuming princess. Sinle stopped, and turned slowly, still looking livid.
'And what is that supposed to mean?' she spat at Liatin, as though she had just thrown up on her, then insulted her.
' "Sinle",' said Liatin. 'means "sunrise"; a new beginning, a star in the midst.' Liatin was doing nothing but offending the princess more, but she knew this would be the only way to get what she wanted. Then in a fit of rage, Sinle screamed what Liatin had been wanting to hear..

Words by gemma
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Written on 2007-12-09 at 23:22

Tags Fantasy  War  Conflict 

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