Why moving backward?

Can our poverty be referred to as lack of fund?
Or lack of valuable initiative ideas?
We have money, land, labour and resources in abundant
Still we live in poverty via series of bad managements

Our trusted nationalist fought elegantly to freedom
and elegantly they left us to get themselves enriched
'Gave away our victorious economy to fulfil their greeds
and left a fatal wound in our economical advancement

then, our dreams was captured by our acquired armoury
which enslaved and ravished our resourceful economy
with the aid of our highly corrupt economy's experts
many potential messiahs were either framed or murdered

verbally, we fought the armoury to our justified freedom
but the armoury left in uniform to return in deceptive attires
enticing us with our stolen treasury and past influences
why should we entrust our economy in the hands of rapists?

Poetry by Saheed Giwa
Read 717 times
Written on 2007-12-20 at 15:08

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