These Threes

I will speak to you of the evil in men...
I will tell you of death and destruction
I will speak of an all encompassing consumption
I will tell you that to have too much conviction will convict you of a crime done unto man and when the end finally comes these are the ones that will truly be damned...

All things come in threes as do these...

Religion, Politics and moneys greed...without them we are at mecca, or in eden
You can even board a comet if thats what you believe in...
All the ills of the world stem from these threes...positive negativities
Instead of focusing on the beauty of the trees and what they need to grow and flourish, we cut them down instead of nourish...we pave the ground and destroy them at their seed, a deadly side effect of These Threes...

Throughout history from pharaohs reign certain people were viewed as unsuitable or untamed and these threes were to blame
The world wouldn't be the same without them to dictate change
I'd spare mine to spare time and rewind history to have it rearranged

All the world is a stage we learn at such an early age
But the scenery is already set by people you've never met and never will
Ill be open to your views, they say, when they want things viewed their way
In a political forum you should all but ignore them
Use their pedestal to stand above them and show them your perspective
Never the less you give them to much effort
Vote for me they plea with their smug faces and insecurities
I assure you that we will not be like those before they roar with a chest filled with lies...and on their exhale you breathe a sigh and realize that its these threes in which they abide

It is the root of all evil and growth is said to be production
Its used to kill and create wars and jobs to feed a whores seduction

We must break this chain of three and turn it into a warm embrace or a smile from a strangers face, we must mold a new three from the rock and start a foundation in its place...we three are the new breed of love, sharing, and happiness
Its work to grow and gain for everyone, its a care for nature and the warmth of the gives us awareness as we can care less about politics, it gives us beliefs in our nieghbors and not just a false hope in priests or words when heard abruptly cease...

It can turn paper into life and once again make green the color of the land
It can have a persons touch mean so much more than a reach in your pocket or an accidental brush while exchanging hands...
If only we'd embrace it...swallow it whole and taste it.
Take on the burdens of those hurting and try our hardest not to waste it
These threes are now all but fleeting
We need to break off the knob so they are constantly repeating
It's only then that the world can mend and have these threes for us to believe in.

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 663 times
Written on 2008-10-22 at 17:03

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yes yes! revolutionary thoughts.