Lunar pull lifting tides above breath level
Drowning in a shell
Climbed in to void out the smell
Functions overwhelm
It starts over again

That is just diction
She walked into her dream...a premonition
Pre made to order
Drenched was her daughter as her womb was a tomb
Cried levels of blood by her maker
Savior of all things good
Saved her as he should

My feet sunk in are lost, coarse like rocks
Rough hands mock beneath and sooth your back
Light flares dare as the night tares away from what we lack
Sacking our morals we press on
Avoiding all that is gone
Holes left by morn
I am scorn by emancipation...
Overwhelmed by death at creation

I ate them and ingested poison
Good thing I was immune
It was her perfume that filled the air with stench
She was wrenched from her rest
Tied down and stretched apart
Time spread convulsions, a labor of pain
The start of a game...meaningless without conclusion
Mean I'd guess if you viewed them from the outside
While I'm stuck on the inside collecting dust
Laid stale forever steel skin collecting rust

As it pierced my skin
As it peered her skin
As we paired our skin
We prepared the sin

...Adam at the beginning...

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 520 times
Written on 2008-01-18 at 14:28

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