A love that didn't last.

Maybe too long to know

I am so happy when I am with you
you cant tell me for how long
And I can't promise anything
but it feels my love for you will last forever.

You're so secure
in trying to be independant
I dont wanna steal, any time from you
Just share some lovely moments.

Will you tell me if want me,
or is it just a dream
Something that I made up
of a memory from the beach where we made love.

Sweet, sweet dreams
Reflecting all the time
when once you were mine
But that was long ago
maybe too long to know

It's lovely just to see you
I hope it will be soon
just like that day when you
were cuddling up close to me
A lazy afternoon.

Soft, sweet music
from your stereo
allt the love songs I've taped,
But that was long ago
maybe too long to know,

I tried to touch your mind with my love.

Poetry by Richard
Read 668 times
Written on 2008-02-12 at 13:56

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