when everything but ur heart has given up................



I fall asleep with you on my mind
Your breath on my face
Ur voice in my ear ............
I dream away with u by my side
Ur hands in my hair....ur kiss lingers there

I wish for u
Like the blood in my veins
The urges I feel
U drive me insane
I feel for u
Like ur touch gives me hope
The pain that I feel...I need a relief
Dam the need I feel for u....
Like the breath in my lungs
The desires of my soul
The crush of the pain
Burns me again
I cry for u
Like an addict cant survive
U keep me alive ...ur all I need
I plead and I grieve
I die for u
Ur the beat of my heart
Strength has no start
Agony when we're apart
I call for u
In my last moment to live
And yet I still give...
Cuz ur lingering

But I fall asleep with u on my mind
Ur breath on my face...then things change place....
I fall asleep ....
Ur voice in her ear
U holding her there.....I wish u were here
I dream away ur not by my side
Hope starts to die ....ur lingering

I dream of angels
Of skies so blue
love so pure forever so true
I fall into u ....
As the night slips away
The sun breaks the day...im loosing u
Free fall into bliss
Of this place ill miss
Tangled in u
Are u missin me too?
Heat in my heart tearing us apart
I beg for the night to stay
But the dawn of the day steals u away
Light in my eyes
As my inside cries
I hold on to us
Reality stealing the trust
Of the dreams that I live
So much they give
But it's slipping away
Night looses to day

I lay wake with u on my mind......
Sun's rays on my face
Dam.. I'm back in this place
No one by my side...the dream lies
I fight the pain
Of wanting u again
Another day to mend
Wounds to tend
As u linger there..........

Poetry by jay
Read 630 times
Written on 2008-02-12 at 15:38

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