we're young, should know better, yet seems we do not care

its those days in youth

the heater doesn't work
and you have two friends
sleeping on your floor

and we all drink cheap red wine
to make it better or
to simulate
a tainted taste of bohemia
share showers to save water
forget to pay the bills and
drink more red wine instead

smoking cigarettes through the window and wave to strangers in the street

its those days when soon
they could be your friends

and when your priorities
are not quite clear
and then you forget the fear of getting close to fight your broken heater

its dirty laundry
week-old take-out cartoons
empty glasses
in that cold apartment
but its the step by step
knowing that
sooner or later
you'll get the priorities right

its the nights we share my bed
to stay warm for the night
its the nights we wave like crazy to strangers in the street

Poetry by CC
Read 774 times
Written on 2008-02-24 at 20:27

Tags University  Wine  Priorities 

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Sanaz Danaipoor
Wonderfully written, easy to relate to thank's for the reading!