Love in evergreen

It was not in how they met
nor in how they came to fall in love
It was rather in how they sat
one afternoon in the grass
and he told her that he had to leave
the island, his evergreen

There was dampness in his eyes
and a cold feeling in his fingers
as he looked over Inishmaan
Evident to him
his dearest was in love
with the music and the tales,
the determination and the evergreen

She smiled when she said
No matter where you go now
or why you have to leave
I'm coming with
I'm coming with

The skies were made for them to see
and the fields for them
to walk together

As the music rested in his laughter
and the tales were always on his tongue
his heart bore the spirit
to never give up
And in his eyes
eternal evergreen

She smiled and said
If you so were to jump
off the Cliffs of Moher
I'm coming with
I'm coming with

For now rest your heart
and come with me for a swim
She walked down on the beach
took of her blouse and stepped out
of her skirt

as he ran to accompany her
I'm coming with
he said and smiled
I'm coming with

Poetry by CC
Read 903 times
Written on 2009-10-27 at 06:14

Tags Love  Ireland 

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A really endearing love poem. The journey was enchanting, the connection electrifying.

Remembering such conversations in a past life, knowing that where love is concerned we will follow to the ends of the earth in order to be together. People in love can live anywhere, its that love that makes it home, thus not mattering where you place your home. I do feel for anyone having to leave their green and pleasant Isle though.

I really did like the lilting diction and repeated line works well.

Smiiling at you


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