Ravens Night

The raven gave to the night
of the demons gloom.
Many has died from the eyes of the
ravens tale.

The blood drips from his eyes and gives
to his mouth.
The brains sways from high above dripping
from the loss of the body.

The head becomes the ravens feast within
the blood of the corspe.
The snake lives within the shell of the body
that lyes lifeless.

These evil demons suckle the juices from the
corspe underground.
These insects falls from the brain and splashes
within the mouths of buzzards that sit and waits to
feast within the night.

The blood seeps within the ground and bodies become
the ravens gate, to cast the evil within the night.
The demons come out of the bodies and feast within
the brains of all the corspe.

Poetry by wbluerose02
Read 579 times
Written on 2005-12-28 at 20:05

Tags Dark 

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Christian Ward
What a gothic poem! I liked the imagery in this one, so dark. Great read.

Celtic boy
So dark but still a compulsive read to the end. Nice one!