"Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal."
~ Jean-Paul Satre, Existentialist Philosopher and Writer, (1905 - 1980)

Life is a Riddle, Live it!

Years ago when I was little
I thought life was such a riddle;
Years later when I was grown
I thought, the Earth I’d own;
Now that I am mature
I still think life has a lot in store!
One day when my time will come
I would still think I am young.
But for now I would like to pack
As much in this Life I can,
While it is still intact!
Laugh, love and live to my fill
Compassion, passion, dreams fulfill…
So that when I have to go
I will shine with inner glow
When my soul will take its flight
I will just pass into light...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 903 times
Written on 2008-03-06 at 03:08

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Mark Reynolds
this text is... wow.
life is always a riddle, and all lives after will be a riddle as well.
great write.

Mark :)

Don't we wish...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
You put a fisherman in quiet contemplation and to top it all you gave this fisherman a nostalgic feeling with this wonderful pieve
well done rgds mike

This is the kind of poem that you could set in a golden frame and hang on a special wall in your heart's home!

Waste not one drop of life's elixir, for the pool grows smaller by the day, a delightful read Zoya.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
A wonderful attitude on the meaning of life and what you
want from it...

xxxx Stan

Kathy Lockhart
I really relate to this poem Zoya and I love your ending. It's beautiful. Love ya, Kathy