You always said that words were cheap
those scraps of letters torn in haste
with flouncy lines and hearts in margins,
scented lies of unkept promises.

Your love was in the arms outstretched,
the hurried kiss of early morning flights,
we fought to catch and sometimes missed
in the warmth of you, as day retired.

'Be still, don't say, don't breathe a word'
how I miss those unheard sounds,
that shirt with button lost and a battered
wallet that held my faded photograph

the one you loved and never lost,
just transferred from purse to purse
as you ruffled hair and made a mess
of silly, fancy, elaborate hairstyles

that come and go with fickle fashion.
Your unkempt, shambling form
a constant on my personal landscape
that I searched from dawn to dusk

until you returned a wry smile on your face
and made me laugh at some disaster
and kiss away the bruises that you wore,
heartsore but happy in our quietness.

In my heart, I hold the letters, unwrapped
no ribbon binding them, just the love
I saw and felt, like the scent of you and I
and blend, a mix of just the sheerest perfume.

Poetry by Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 561 times
Written on 2008-04-03 at 14:32

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limber junctionson
pure envy is scented
of course eyes are looking wider
At the moment.

Lovely lines. The unsaid words are so many, that each of us can easily run into books...and yes, that familiar cologne gives a sense of togetherness...women are usually "smell-factories" and the perfume industry survives by trying to please and seduce their olfactory senses...

this is beautiful, brilliant and mixed with a touch of intimacy that makes it all the more perfect.
lovely work Elle

A great flow in this poem, Elle!

nothing short of beautiful!!!! deep
love your work