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one word

i seize the day with a newspaper fray,
my night is colored, headache gray,
daysleeper, daysleeper, daysleeper,

it starts at birth,
we touch everything we can put our bodies on,
something that will carry us for the rest of our lives,
so pay attention to the rhythm or something man-made, time,
we created time for limitations,
but we also love to break the rules,
so what does that leave us?,
another story for another time,

as with choices, comes our connections,
they make you stronger, healthy and wise?,
depending on how you use them,
depending on how you retrieve them,
depending on how you dismiss them,
remember, they're levels of connections,
passer-by, acquaintance,friend, brother or sister,
everybody and everything can be used as an advantage,
thus, giving us benefits, good or bad,
just remember,always be prepared for the back-lash of your endeavors,
to be said simply, "no pain, no gain",

the easiest ground to level is always the connection between
two points,
brian hutch...........

we're connected, all of us,
no matter how we classify,
no matter how we separate,
if it exist in nature, it is connected,
the trick is to get your fingers into everything,
without showing any dirt,
that can be seen by the naked eye,or by the truth,

time spills,
connections hold forever,
if you let them,
brian hutch........................

greater than our rivers, are our connections,
there are so many,
that we don't know or even worse,we forget they exist,
i guess it all goes back to time,
with its limitations,it or we can strengthen or weaken our connections,
it's our choices,
but man-made creations, as like its laws,can be tested,
improved and yes, even broken,
just remember, benefit form your endeavors,the best you can,
never fall victim,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 638 times
Written on 2008-04-18 at 06:16

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and to Kath, na your comment was fine first time, i felt what u were sayin even with the lil jumble. my deep down feeling was always that life is connected period. we are also instinct driven somewhat, we cant separate ourselves from animals- we are all just lifeform. and fuk all these man made divisions- theyre not real, first world, second world, third world... pretty/ugly, sinful/saintly.... you are subject to the same human condition as he/she/them. PEACE.

wow i went all out on this one.

this is great. love the thoughts and the feeling in it. peace&love.

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Saga...this is a very thought provoking poem...we're connected

I particularly liked the line, "we created time for limitations,"

good going....


what a mess my comment was :) I meant to say that animals have a abilities far beyond our knowledge, kept safe over time because they do not questione what their bodies tell them of a situation.. not meaning to romaticies animals or humans it is just that we humans tend to not see that we are animals as well ....

hope this made my comment more understanable :)

We sure are connected to all in our universe I hope this will soon be noticed as a truth soon ... we say we can kill animals because they are pure instinct based ... how sad this concept is ... such a false way of looking upon life .. they have abilites far kept safe, the same as we could manage would we just aknowledge the fact we are connected ... just one interpretaion of your words that I found very truthful ---