Based on the riots in India in 1947, partition in India ....Divided India...

"Red was the Color" (1947 Riots)

Track was Red...

Train was Red...

Hands were Red

Eyes were Red..

Poeple were Red..

Earth was Red

What was Red?

Red was the Blood

Cries were unheard

Pain was feelingless

Grief was unbearable

Religions were different

People were different

"Kill him" he is a Sikh

"Murder him" he is a Muslim

"Ruin him" he is a Hindu

"Rape her" she is not our's..

"Tear off her clothes"

Naked women were in the streets

Helpless women were  in the streets..

Helpless they were all...

who was naked?

Humanity was naked...

Who was weeping?

God was weeping

Who had lost?

Love and Brotherhood had lost..

Where was "Aman" ?                 (Aman=Peace)

Aman was no where..

Religions were different

People were diferent

But God was the same

HE was the one in the all ...............(but everyone had forgotton)

But One thing was same






i used there Train was the red...that was very bad sept 1946 from pakistan a train came to india..on Amritsar Ralway station....but the train was RED with blood of people, passengers....

your eyes'll get wet....there was not one passenger alive in the train...Deads were there in the train...

and after that incidents Indians, In revenge they did the same in 1947 (not sure but that was March)....


Poetry by amandeep
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Written on 2008-04-25 at 10:21

Tags Partition  Humanity  Color 

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It's weird how a colour can be so inspiring, hated, loved, and written a poem about! You did it great! I like all of your poems! It's just amazing! :)

yeah i know aman whats happened..that was so sad....

This is very sad poem,..expressing so much pain from the battle of war...thank's for sharing this

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
you have written of this horrible time so effectively by the use of repetition of the color red, the short lines (almost like a pounding), and the words you use are all written with such feeling that I as a reader am so saddened by this event. And you have stated a truth in your description of God. This is your best Aman. bookmarked hugs to you Kathy

Indeed a tragic event. Terrible pictures you conjoured up. When will the human race ever learn...