This poem just strucked in my mind when i was going to my Physics Tuiton and there was so many people in the city...yeah my tuition centre is nearly 8 Km far away from my home so there was so much time to think and observe somthing while going...

Lets Create A Peacful World (New World)

Lets Create A New World

Lets create a peacful world

Lets break the barriers

Lets Break the LOCs

Lets come out of the religions.

Lets pray together

Lets play together

Lets forget the narrow thoughts

Lets start doing love

Lets forget the racism

Lets sort out and forget the

Words Racism, Terror, Hate

Lets Realize the words

Love, Humanity and "ONE"

Lets Create a new world

Lets Create a peacful world

No more hate, no more pain

No more terror, No more ruins

No more Hiroshima, No more World Wars

No more 1984, No more 2002

No more Delhi, No more Gujrat,

No more partition, No more 1947

No more racism, No more diffferences 

No more religions, No more riots

No more proud, No more I (me)

Just You and We 

Lets come out of the countries,

Lets break the barriers

Lets Create a new World

A peacful world



Poetry by amandeep
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Written on 2008-05-06 at 17:41

Tags Peace  World  Love 

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Yes, I hope so too, and the more hope in this world and the more beautiful thoughts like yours the likelier it is to come true ... and we can all do something ,,, like treating the ones we have close with respect and understanding ..

beautiful words....

Nicely done Aman I also want to be a part of your peaceful world,..
I also pray the peace not only in my own country but to the whole world,..your poetry make me smile it is so real that keep my eyes open and my mind to learn....Thank you for sharing this bacha...kisses

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Very very good ,Aman , I am British , English , amongst our many proverbs and what not is: ''Live and let live ''. Something I hung unto , something I have total believe in. I long fore a world , that lives by that , that my young freind , you and others will bring it all about.

Ken ( D Williams )

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i forget to explain some things..there i think here, people dont know about the 1947, 1984,2002, Gujrat, Delhi...

I must explain somethings here....

1947- Partition of India, India Divided in two countries...Pakistan and India..after this again Pakistan further divided..and a new country born...that is Bangladesh...Today we all the three countries fighting with their needs..more than anyone...(Read my Poem (RED WAS THE COLOR, 1947 RIOTS)

1984- Blue Star Operation..this is the Black day in the History of the India, the Saddest Day for the Humanity, the shamefu day for the Indian Poltics and Criminals (indian Politicians).. they attacked on the Holy Place of Sikhs (Shri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Golden Temple, Worship place for sikhs, as we have church for christians)....they hurt the feelings of the sikhs..

Delhi--As they attacked the Golden Temple, Sikhs get hurt and they killed the Indira Gandhi, Prime minister of India at that Time (she was Liar). after that Thousands of the Sikhs Killed by the Police, Hindus (they were not real hindus, they were Rioters they were terrorists)...More than 30,000 Sikhs killed in 3 days only just in Delhi now you can Imagine what would be happened in Whole Country...

Gujrat--In 2002, in gujrat a Godhra train came there were some innocent Hindus were killed (I dont know killed them), after that Thousands of Muslims Killed in gujrat , Police and Administration was also fake and with the rioters....they all were...............

these are the some moments i wanted to share with you..plz read this comment fully

I am a Science Student, SO sometimes I am not With rhyme, and mostly my poems are free...this poem came into my mind just today as i was going to my tuition( of Physics)..i observe so many things while going there..

Lets Create anew world....
Best Wishes


Aman, you just wrote a great poem....truely a so beautiful poem..i must say this is your the best poem..filled with so many noble you do in your real life ....
This is truely a i maginary world (of thoughts)..Hope so it can be real..but ............... beautiful..just stole my much peacful and so beautiful poem............



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