Tribute To "Our Hero".this is a saddest day on the bay..Our Bay of Love is affected....We lost our First Romantic Hero...

A Mournful Day (Our Hero Is in Our Hearts)


Nature is angry With God

Stars stop to blink

Moon Unlightens the World

Sun is dispear...

Clouds are dark

Nature is in Gloom

People are in Sorrow...

God is also Sad


But Hero Is sad to see us


He never wished this

He was the first and the Last

Hero of its own Kind

Hero of Love and peace

He is a legend

Legend in Poetry

Legend of True Love

He is still watching over us

He is still looking After

His "True Love"

Hero is always in our hearts

And Soul

He will be in Our memories

and Thoughts

In Our poems

In Our Love..

He is still.............

God needed One

A true  and Pure Soul

and Hero was the one of them

Hero is still in our heart

and .........................

Poetry by amandeep
Read 1076 times
Written on 2008-05-16 at 12:35

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Great great poem! I don't know what to say...It was GOOD! :)

a beautiful dedicated poem ...we all will miss him ...........

Love is stronger than death, he will not be forgotten!!!

A poet, a writer never dies .

We lost our romantic hero . Such a mournful day .He had a pure soul ,so true.

Thank you so much Aman,


His memory is always with us!