Part 2; 15.6.08

Liatin II

"He's DEAD!" Screamed Sinle, her beautiful face twisted with anger and humiliation. "He died like a child, a woman! Begging for mercy on his knees!" She smiled at this. Liatin had seen Sinle do this before, lie and twist truth to make people who had humiliated her hurt. But on Liatin, this time it worked.
In a flash of silver and a scream of rage and grief, the Princess was suddenly on the floor. Liatin watched as Sinles gaze travelled downwards, first seeing Liatins face; calm, with no emotion other than her eyes. Liatins blue eyes had filled with a fire that Sinle had never seen before, and it caused her own hazel ones to widen in shock and fear. Her gaze lowered more, to see Liatins beautiful Elven sword threatening Sinle's windpipe.
"You are a liar, and a whore." Liatin whispered, without taking her eyes off Sinles. Liatin knew the Princess had told the truth about her fathers death. But this insult to his memory was too much. Sinle held Liatins stare with false dignity, but Liatin could tell she did not dare look away in fear of being slaughtered. Deep down, Sinle was not jealous of Liatin, nor did she wish her dead. She feared her, and Liatin took a great amount of guilty pleasure in this most of the time.
But at this moment in time, she didn't even think about it. Liatin was the only person in the entire world at the moment. To her, there was no earth, no physical form. She wasn't anywhere, she just existed, in this silent, empty, black abyss her life had suddenly become. Liatin had lost the one man she loved more than the King. The man she had spent her entire childhood with, since her mother, who gave Liatin her Elvish heritage, had died giving birth. The man who had taught Liatin everything she knew, was dead. Without realising, she had learnt all about the stages of grief. At first, shock, followed by disbelief, anger, depression, violence, and finally acceptance. Little did Liatin know, her superior intelligence meant she would go through these stages faster than any human. It would take her a year, perhaps two, whereas humans took ten years to recover from death.
Liatin was suddenly woken from her trance by a movement on the floor below her, and looked down to see Sinle getting up from the floor, and her sword wedged into the earth below their feet. She had dropped it.
"So. Will you help your King to defeat the bastards who destroyed your father? Or are you planning on staying in this forest, alone with nothing but memories, wondering what it would have been like?" Said the Princess rather stiffly, annoyed at almost being skewered.
It was the most sensible thing the Princess had ever said, and Liatin noticed that from the look on her face, she was a little surprised herself. Liatin look at Sinle, right into her honey-coloured irises and smiled, noticing her face was wet with tears.
"Oh, I'm coming." She said, smiling dangerously. "I will not rest until every Black Magician in wiped from the face of the Earth."

Words by gemma
Read 962 times
Written on 2008-06-15 at 02:37

Tags Grief  Fantasy  War 

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WOW, I am happily surprised, your writing skill has improved tremendously!! Such a great story too, will you continue it?