the five common stages of grieving..


the deep state of denial i was in
made me crack the funniest yet truest jokes
it made me doubt at times, though it's a sure thing
res ipsa loquitour, mine as it speaks

said i had the signs and symptoms of this and that
got mad at myself because i've wasted time so
i've been going around in circles, well, i sleep not
can't put into words what i've been going through

i'd even trade my present with my past
had that choice been in my hands, i'll make it happen
how i wish to end this toil and agony atlast
even promised to be better if future would enlighten

i've even accomplished one of my hardest missions
yet i stayed away from the righteous path
great feat it had been to come up with such decisions
with love for all except mine, my choice had been that

standing alone, barefooted in my journey
reaching out to the cause of my melancholy
not knowing of what i've become, i called unto Him
Answered. yet the cause and cure one and only

Poetry by xXxmOstwantedxXx
Read 708 times
Written on 2008-06-23 at 13:10

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I like this confessional style poem, Yes grief has many guises and stages to travel through. It is funny how humour rescues us from the edge of despair sometimes. Great read, smiling at you,~Tai