Every door that swings wide for you has somebody on the other side opening it.
Chris Matthews in
Life's a Campaign

The Unknown Strength

Jack was under severe stress
As next day employees of his
Company he had to address.
He couldn't sleep that night,
The coffers where low with slim profit.

His three years old daughter in the morning
Was singing a song happily without knowing.
Bringing smile to Jacks face
And solution for his problem was falling in place.

He went to the conference room
And said sincerely, "Our company is not doing well,
That you may be knowing as well."
His staff replied, " We will work with pay cuts,
as we love you as well!."

Poetry by Venkatesh India
Read 1338 times
Written on 2008-07-06 at 03:37

Tags Life  Family  Happiness 

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i liked it!
:) Sometimes being direct can bring you the strangest and most unexpected results. And afterwards, you wonder why you were worried at all.