Indian moon mission....

Chandrayaan 1

Chandraayan 1, the spacecraft for moon mission project
Was kept tabs on, in Byalalu, through Deep Space Network
Where lived Gopal a farmer with his children
From whom scientists launching it to the sky learnt.

He with other villagers glued to television
And watched the launching of moon mission
Gopal could see scientists applauding with joy after success
Bringing smile to villagers faces in the process.

Scientists rushed to computer monitor from DNS to pick signals
Here villagers ran outside to spot the spacecraft amid thick clouds,
This is the enthusiasm in which we live
From scientists to farmers to happily live.

Poetry by Venkatesh India
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Written on 2008-10-24 at 04:06

Tags Space  Happiness  People 

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Joe Fern
very inspiring text. seems to point to the unity of many peoples of different parts of society all overjoyed at the wonders of their acomplishments. good write!