Write a Reckless Poem

Write a poem
Write a reckless poem

don't worry about
meter or rhyme or rhythm
or meaning or metaphor

just let it spill across the page
like a sobering late night coffee

let it splash on your friends and
stain their clothes

let them try to clean it up
with syrupy napkins
while it creeps toward the edge
cascading to the floor in
little staccato drops

let the waitress slip in it and
curse you for not saying anything

and as she yells at the
mexican busboy to mop it up
ask her for a refill
and throw the mug
through the front window
into the midnight storm

slip her a thousand dollar bill
for the damages and another for a tip
kiss her and tell her it'll be ok

grab your umbrella
throw it at the moon
and walk home in the rain
whistling and thinking of Paris


Write a poem like that

Poetry by Rapscallion
Read 459 times
Written on 2008-07-14 at 06:23

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Throwing caustic conformity to the wind and producing a poem like this one, is a fete of pure genius Rap! I love the staccato drops, I could here that coffee fall in slow motion, makes it louder ya know? I am a reckless itch myself occasionally, but somehow the meter is always running!lol Happy monday from Tai, smiling at you