Just a bit of tomfoolery

I want to build a shiny rocket ship and fly it to the fucking moon.

I want to build a shiny rocket ship
and fly it to the fucking moon!
I want to invite everyone I know to the launch
and make it a really special day
with a picnic and ponies and a moon bounce.
Then I'm gonna shake everyone's hands
And thank them all for coming out
And tell them I'm really nervous
And that I'll really miss everybody when I'm on the moon.
Then I'm gonna get into my yellow spacesuit
And just as I'm about to close the door
on my big shiny spaceship,
I'm gonna lean out and give everyone the fucking finger!
I'm gonna let them all know
that I'm never fucking coming back
and they can all go fuck themselves.
I'll tell 'em to shoot me an email
if they've got a problem with that
and then remind them that the fucking moon doesn't have fucking email.
All it's gonna have is a bunch of fucking craters and me and my shiny silver spaceship!

Poetry by Rapscallion
Read 747 times
Written on 2011-04-09 at 05:26

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I hate to blow up your balloon Rap, but there's a McDonalds up there.
I had a good laugh at this! Good to see you back.