Aah! To have just one friend! :)
I just cannot think of a title for this one. Any suggestions?


I torment her
with moods.
I tease her
with top-secret knowledge.
I laugh when she just
can't seem to.
She cries when i just
can't bring myself to.

She knows when I'm melancholic
and when I'm morose.
She knows when I'd appreciate some cheering up;
A healthy dose.
When my eyes are rubbery
from sleep and stress
She's there with a pillow
heeding a silent SOS.

Sometimes i see
right through her
And she through me.
Sometimes i hear
what she hasn't said
and know she will never say it;
to spare me.

Sometimes she seems
like a part of me
and she is.
She SO is!

Poetry by shar
Read 819 times
Written on 2008-07-15 at 19:54

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Mark J. Wood
Hi Shar,

I had a dog like that.

I particularly like the "heeding a silent SOS"; the telepathy of friendship: priceless. A bright, warm, celebratory poem: competition for a Summer's day and a log fire for the Winter.