For all who are responsible!!!

I can't thank you enough

It's been a minute, I know,
Things have change,
But the message stays the same,
"The dancer still moves without a trace",
I have lost, I have been betrayed,
I have been misled, and,
I have been saved,
By the hands of the almighty, first,
Represented by the ones who truly know,
And protected by the ones who love,
And because of that,
I can't thank you enough,

I see that everyone is still here,
Writing on and staying strong,
To what they write and what they feel,
And that is truly important,
And truly inspiring,
To all who read along and add to the path,
They are doubters and lovers of strife,
Who choose to weaken rather than embrace,
And to those, I say,
How can you live in a community,
And continue to be alone?,
Do not confuse bitterness with belonging,
Becuase all you have to do to cure,
Is to, speak,

But back to thanking,
First and foremost, to God,
Family and true friends,
And now, to the people of this page,
I'll start first with my first fan, KJC,
Her first comment is what started me on the pieces presented to all of you,
To Nep,
Who always emphasize to me to say what I mean and mean it,
To Kathy,
Who showed me honesty can never be reached without being true to yourself,
and God first,
To Michael, who still exist in my heart forever,
A true encourager and a true collaborator to all,
To my Sweetie Pumpkin,
That always and still knew what to say,
When times needed it most,
And it was usually with one word, love,
To Zoya,
That always gave me a challenge,
When it came to showing true beauty of a poem,

And to the many others on this page,
Words and the heart go hand in hand here,
And that is your duty when you are here,
And you do it so well,
Don't ever stop,
To spread, love and encourage,
The gifts you have,
And for this,
I can't thank you enough, ever,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 537 times
Written on 2008-08-08 at 19:47

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