this is about a very dear friend of mine who encouraged me to write poetry and who is a very talented man

My Friend

You walk across this earth
A lonely shade, a fraction of what you were
Talent brimming over
Wasted on the amber liquid
Dulling senses, ideas, the flow of your words

Stumbling from crisis to crisis
Who are you running from?
You the abused or you the abuser
Finding solace in the whiskey bottle

This is mot the way my friend
To load the smoking gun
To kill yourself by degrees
Can you not see behind those amber eyes
My love for you

You who taught me words
and the poetic flow
You who said have faith
and I would know
Where is your faith
Lost in a glass
Trying to fit in to that famous class

One day the knock will come at the door
A stranger will stand there
Glinting steel, flashes and strikes
Destroying you the self he dislikes

You say that life is ending for you
Too old, too tired, to live any more
Is this the cowards way out....I`m not sure
Poetry lines no more an allure

So my friend and thats all I can be
Have faith in life not whiskey and beer
The talent you have is there for all to see
You should know that for you I will always be me

A Friend.........

Poetry by the-me-inside
Read 435 times
Written on 2008-08-11 at 09:55

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ngaio Beck
Very moving "Contract of the Heart".