Tree in the Little Green

There's a tree
in the little green yard
between my apartment
and the lake

This morning
I found it
lying on its side
in the grass

It's not
a mighty tree
gnarly or sturdy
it never was

It was long
and elegant
and feminine
it was beautiful

I never
really noticed it
out there
hiding in the open

Until last week
I turned the corner
and there it was
bare and pale

There were
four birds
tall and curvy
two white two grey

They were standing
on four branches
in a vertical zigzag
staring at the sunset

The sky
was orange
and the clouds
were purple

The breeze
was wet
and warm
and soft

With each gust
a stray feather
on each bird
flapped up and settled

One preened itself
back to perfect
the others just stood
blinking in the breeze

Now the tree
is resting on its side
branches folded
in the soft green grass

The birds
aren't there
they wont be
coming back

Because they can't see
the sunset anymore
over the cat's tails
swaying in the lake

Poetry by Rapscallion
Read 852 times
Written on 2008-08-12 at 06:47

Tags Tree  Nature  Loss 

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For some reason this poem gave me a metaphorical shudder Rap!lol can't think why! lol great work, slender things do get pushed over in the fierceness of a storm but then again, flexibility and deep routes generally hold fast the mighty oak! as we say in blighty!lol Lovely metaphor....smiling at you, Tai