Covered in blood, blinded by tears
Too scared to scream, consumed by fear
Through the lake of red water, she will be surrendered
to eternal darkness, by an evil pretender

She had asked him before;
"When wil you stop playing pretend?"

"I actually thought
you really were my friend..
Through good and bad, you were all I ever had..
All I ever had was you,
but you fucked me up, and now we're through.."

By those words, she falls to the floor
He sees the cuts on her wrist, as he opens the door

He breaks down by her side
in a tearful whisper;

I'm sorry...

Poetry by Linn
Read 741 times
Written on 2006-01-20 at 17:44

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Ohh, this is so painful..
Still, I like it alot :)

A betrayal ends in this,
A bold, daring slit of the wrist!
I love it, it's so bold and beautiful... sometimes sorry isn't enough. If only, if only, the words could bring back the life, right?

Not really my thing ,but very well written all the same :-)