"this is the peak of being human"


he never imagined it would feel like this
all he had anticipated was physical, human.
this was so much more.
unsure of anything but her, an angel in human form.
such emotion, beauty, raw passion.
and such companionship, no other person stood on earth that night.
he could no longer feel, the rhythm drilling deeper than it should, up his spine, behind his eyes, entwining itself in his fingers.
he had never felt such euphoria, never loved another so, the drumbeat of her heart resounding in his head, her skin so soft on his, her fingers in his hair, her palm on the back of his neck.
she was so close, her flowery scent had gone, replaced by something dark and mysterious, drawing him in.
this is the peak of being human. how many, he still wonders, will never feel this?
her breathing suddenly becomes rhythmic and deep. her eyes snap open and stare into his. he gasps, she begins to shiver, then screams.
it's music to his ears.
she subsides. he lays next to her, methodically kissing her pulsating neck, up to her ear.
"i love you."

Poetry by gemma
Read 1069 times
Written on 2008-12-21 at 13:29

Tags Sex  Love  Human 

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i literally held my breath all the way through, amazing