She did try - really hard! But.........

Challenge Rhyme Royal WHY?

I sat alone full of despair and thought
Why do I feel this way so sad and blue?
I know not what I've done to make him so
Full to the brim of wonder just for you
Admitting now I know not what to do
I tried my best to make him love me so
I made his favourite dishes even though

He ate them without thought like he is blind
I made his bed so cosy and inviting
Bent over backwards to be good and kind
And even when my toes he was a-biting
I never saw the love in his eyes lighting
I stroked his hair and underneath his chin
He just ignored me, oh it is a sin

What can I do to make him love me now
I've done all that I can I'm at a loss
I keep on trying, must succeed somehow
But show him I don't want to be the boss
Just look at him he doesn't care a toss
For me you bought that dog and yet it's true
He isn't mine for he belongs to you!


Poetry by Pamel Brooke
Read 648 times
Written on 2009-01-03 at 14:08

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Dan Cederholm

Hehehe this whas a clever one
the last stanzas hits hard!!!



melanie sue
quite an amusing tale of love gone wrong...i especially loved the last two verses......although there is more than one dog in this story.

Rob Graber
Amusing and well crafted!