Sometimes , someone gets courage to do what they should have done long ago.........



She sat in the chair her head in her hands
So exhausted and weak
Her children silently got dressed for school
None to the other did speak
They kissed her goodbye and sadly she smiled
Although it hurt her to do
And when they had gone slowly she rose
Who could she turn to, who?

She looked in the mirror and saw once again
The black eyes, the bruises and blood
She went to the sink and bathed her face
But that didn't do any good
She ached all over the pain was so bad
But not quite as bad as before
She started to tremble as she heard his steps
She froze as he came through the door

He rubbed his eyes and gazed at the scene
He looked at her then looked again
Now he was sober he felt so ashamed
But she knew that he'd do it again
'Did I do that?' he asked her so low
She nodded, 'I'm sorry,' he said
'I don't know why I do it to you.'
And slowly she raised her head

'Well this is the last time you'll bash me about
I'm taking the kids and I'm leaving
I'll not take any more of your nastiness Joe
I'm sick of the pain and the grieving.'
'It won't happen again I promise.' he cried
But he'd said that so often before
Once she'd believed him, she loved him
But now a days not any more

She didn't speak she went upstairs
And started to pack all their things
He started to sob, implored her to stay
She looked--then she took off her rings
'It's over,' she said 'I'll not change my mind
Find somebody else- if you can.'
She held her head high walked out of the room
And that's when her new life began.

(c) Pamela M Brooke

Poetry by Pamel Brooke
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Written on 2009-01-04 at 22:18

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my mother should of walked out on my father but never did because of the children. There is so much pain one can bear. Wonderful,couragous poem.

melanie sue
It is the hardest first take charge of a flawed life and start anew.......but a lot easier to do once one has suffered so much abuse to the point there is no love left......still, it is a huge and difficult step to take and I have to admire the courage of the individuals who must make these choices.

Rob Graber
Good for her! Better late than never...