KJC you may see the colour again

Take your time

Take your time practice is perfect.

Take your time relax enjoy smell those roses.

Take your time in life don't rush threw.

Don't think about school.

Just take your time then in the end it will be all threw.

Words by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 582 times
Written on 2009-01-13 at 05:12

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you are a precious soul, such a delight you are to me, I never blush usually, but I can feel my face getting embarassed. Thank you so much, now I feel like crying, such an emotional wreck I am.
That's what kindness does to me. (Fav)

Amna Ehsan
Colors on Bay!!
different approach, nice work!!

Courtney Marie Marion
read the little box in the picture I found the best one