Coffee with the ex in the afternoon... wish me luck!

A Date with Death

I made a date with death today, hand wrote the invitation.
I have to let him kill me, for my own self preservation.

I hear my heart cry don't do it, I can't bear the exposure,
I know that I can not move on, not until I get this closure.

I think of it as a dentist visit, I have to go today,
I don't let him pull that tooth, then the pain won't go away.

I need to know what made him say you're not the 1 for me.
I made a date, I can't be late for our relationship autopsy.

I hand him a red velvet noose, he'll hang it high above me.
I'll slowly die, as he tells me why he simply cannot love me.

I feel the blood, rushing away, my life before me flashes.
I can once again, rise reborn, a phoenix from the ashes.

Poetry by Purple Phoenix
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Written on 2009-01-17 at 20:17

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stef lai
i love this so much :) i relate. cant wait for my date... hm ..

this is probably one of the best poems I've read in a very long time. Hope your aching heart heals quickly. "Bookedmarked"

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ngaio Beck
This is good honest poetry.I just loved it.

Face to face with the exposure of possible hurt can be a difficult one. I do wish you all the best and take care won't you. Hugs