Sarah Mae inspired me to write my own poem about a dance

Punch table

With the music blaring.
Evreyone having a good time.
But then theres that one.
Who sits there like a broken thumb.
Drinking her punch.
Wondering if they are going to play that one song where evreyone falls in love
She looks on over to see if its just her and her punch standing out in the crowd

No one else is there
Seems so quiet but is so loud
Then there is that song coming
Tears almost coming but not wanting to ruin her make-up
She trys to wipe them away
But then he comes and says "its okay"
She snuffles "why?"
And as his reply
" Evreygirl looks better without their make-up"
Taking her hand then dancing her feet stumbiling over his.
The perfect night

Hopefully he wasn't colorblind

Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 376 times
Written on 2009-01-25 at 08:17

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I really liked this poem Courtney, it inspired me to write one about my first dance. Thank Sarah Mae too for me please. For 14 you are a great little writer. Loved the title. Smiling at you, TAi