What warmth is Love; what soul-searcher its memory; what lips and eyes its words and sighs ...

Oh Gentle Night, what Lips, what Eyes

what enters now this pulsing pain:
exquisite being of rain
and sun ... gently an ancient tale begins to tell itself
within cold veins; tenderly its warmth creeps into knots
and curves of deeply rooted need

what is this then; this need to be
freed from the me that need to be?
what passion takes me from myself
to put me into love to delve
for caring heart? what sighs?

what need to be the more than he
to be the he the He in me
what simple words take me aside
from utter worldlessness that binds?
What lips?

oh, gentle night! what memories
search me in hide what eyes?
to take me to the summit of His love
to break the chains which hold my soul
to set me into ocean-sky as fish-bird free to fly!

then tumbling through the universe
we fall free into Eternity
two souls as one
within His Sun

what words, oh night
what lips
what sighs

what eyes?


Poetry by myra
Read 958 times
Written on 2005-07-11 at 22:32

Tags Love 

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It's a real gem.

What BEAUTIFUL poetry!!!!! Myra you sing!!!!!!

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
what spirit - free to wander life, to smile as the morning sun washes dreams.

a wonderful piece here myra, made me think of do not go gently into that goodnight i think it is called d thomas :)