I sit on the floor
I set my heart on fire
and watch the blaze grow---

here,among the shadows
dancing on the walls
I see someone's face---

Someone's face, someone I used to know.

Maybe a friend from the past
maybe a ghost born from the ash
I do not know a thing anymore---

Some friends walk past me and say hi
some others knock on my door
but they do not seem to care anymore---

I sit against the wall
and watch my shadow fly away
I feel so stray---

The blaze has grown like a memory
one of those I do not even cherish
friends burning in the fire of time---

Maybe I will find the way back home
maybe they will learn where I live
and come to me, one winter morning---

they will expect cups of tea and cigarettes
old albums of Beatles and tunes by Ronettes
and I'll be staring at the blaze---

I sit on the floor
I set my friends on fire
and shut the door.

Poetry by Eva
Read 957 times
Written on 2009-02-15 at 00:32

Tags Friendship  Betrayal  Sorrow 

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