'The fundamental phenomena in nature are symmetrical
with respect to interchange of past and future.' --- Richard Feynman

Millions for Defense

In the Cabinet room of Monticello, clutching Decatur's letter,
The President removes his wire-rimmed glasses.
Frigate Philadelphia has been burned.
Decanting a bourbon, he pours and quaffs.
Outside in the piazza the cicadas' din is unbroken.
The Pasha of Tripoli has his tribute!
In three short hours warm rays of sunlight
will greet the outstretched arms of Earth,
but for now the bourbon scintillates.
Ink splatters on the blotter,
as he pounds a clenched fist upon the desk.
'Not one cent', he pronounces to the wall-clock.
Cicadas hold sway in the Charlottsville night,
but on the Barbary Coast a fire is raging.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 675 times
Written on 2009-02-15 at 12:07

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I agree with Rob both interesting and well written certainly enough to infuse the reader with an inquisitive mind to delve deeper.

Rob Graber
Beautiful piece of historical poetry; this has piqued my interest in the events so engagingly described!

Dee Daffodil
Wow ! Impressive writing ! Captivating !