Divine Service

Concinnity of rapid motion in balance and proportion,
round the ballroom, like the synchronized frequency
of vibration in a crystal quartz. Whirling contortion
of bodies embraced in movement's revealing intimacy.

They are partners. They are dancers. They are lovers
wantonly stoking libido's hot glowing embers;
promenade affirming keen awareness to the vigors
of the steps, footfalls and technique of its pretenders.

Gown and tux attired, passionate accessories to the cult;
merengue, fox-trot, rhumba, abandonment's fertility rites
to gods and goddesses, danced with such elegant result,
they are immortalized in time --- divine service to the night.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 716 times
Written on 2009-02-19 at 03:24

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The verses are a choreography in their own right you allow the reader to almost participate in the dance itself, a real pleasure to read.

I like the intricate end-words of each line. Lots of half-rhymes and in the last stanza all lines end in a "t" sound, excluding the "s" of rites. It all coheres very nicely. I envy those people who can master ballroom dancing. I love to watch those amazingly complex dances they do, for example, in those PBS films of Jane Austen's novels.

Brian Oarr
Thanks, nep ... rythym was an important consideration in the writing of this piece. I envisioned the dancers engaged in a foxtrot and attempted to incorporate that movement into the verse.