There was once a very special person who controlled my life.She dominated every minute of my waking day.Now gone I realise how foolish I was to let her presence control my being.She is now gone and I am moving on with my life.

Dream Girl

In the darkest shadows of the night;
He dreamed of her sweet radient light.
His mind recognised flashes as a play;
He loved her by night she lived his day.

In the lightest moonlit forest they slept;
Beneath stars and heavens on high.
In his sleeping bag their breath mingled;
As did their bodies fuse in muted sighs.

In spring did they take each other's hand;
Then walk through new forest emerald green.
Between tall pine trees did they make love;
Birdsong the only chorus, passion's cries unseen.

In winter snows did they in rapture kiss ;
Held tight to share each other's lips;
Touching her warm skin 'neath her clothing his wish.
Soon to make love on her scarlet covered bed.

Now he has gone back to his unloving wife.
Something about family duty honesty and care.
He knows now she has a new fulfilling life.
Of such an error in judgement is he now aware.

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 589 times
Written on 2009-02-21 at 18:03

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Thomas Perdue The PoetBay support member heart!
I suppose the controlling one is the wife? Yeah, I'd say love is love, if the wife isn't loving at all, and you find it somewhere else, then go for it! "Marriage" is just documents, without a real relationship, it's meaningless, unless you count legalities...

Nice poem, I enjoyed the read. Very sensual and romantic!

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
forbidden love...sigh...
i enjoyed this.
although its quite sad at the end.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
oh my this touches me deeply.