The world sees the media as an arm of totalitarian regimes. They rely on the ignorance and vulnerability of those who view and listen to further their political and totalitarian cause.

News or Propaganda?

I watched the TV today and saw a programme called SU.

It reviewed economics, news and all that was wrong with the 'West'.

Their views on world affairs they stated were 'true.

Their attemp to 'rubbish' and project negativity on the 'west' was persued with zest.

Riots in London, Hurricanes in NY State, all were shown with surprising zeal.

No attempts made to depict news back home in the SU, I do not jest.(They just dont have news in the SU.)

Now IS THIS PROPAGANDA?, not just information and news, is it 'real'?

It must be so. 'American'presenters, 'British' front men, the
rest of the best.

A 300m budget, 80% promotion by SU state, Western democracy makes it irate?

Just watch SU then read between the lines, with all of the rest.

Poetry by Sid Gardner
Read 642 times
Written on 2015-06-02 at 10:18

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
All "news" is propaganda. People simply choose which variety suits their prejudices.

On the one side, men go to Mars
And try to analyze lives of Stars
On the other side men cover face
And refuse to allow freedom's grace

When men will love and enjoy unity
When will he pray to every Almighty
Future days will be damn hard surely
As World is forgetting the Lord truly

A kind of fear grips my mind now
As human beings forget easily love
A craze for money and power is okay
But, religious hatred makes heart decay.