The joys of living with eccentric neighbours ...but beware!, YOU are a neighbour too....

The Plantpot Wars.

I have a nextdoor neighbour who is plainly not my friend.
She has a thing about my planted flowerpots.

My plants are re-arranged every morning, its become a trend.
The deed is done before I emerge, it annoys me lots.

Is she deranged? as its done without humour or fun,
I put them back but its becoming tedious.

Shall I stake out my pots, catch her in the act and kick her bum?
Or leave her to it and regard it as just not too serious?

Yeah?...I'll place all the pots in the middle of her driveway, and replace the gifted ones with half ton potted trees.....

Poetry by Sid Gardner
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Written on 2015-06-11 at 01:32

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I like the wordplay on ''arranged'' and ''deranged.'' Well, she's got a lot of nerve messing around with someone else's property, though I assume she thinks she's doing a good thing and being a good neighbor. Maybe having her over for tea or coffee and explaining to her that, though you appreciate the gesture, you really prefer your plants in the original arrangement. How would she like it if you re-arranged her patio furniture? Not much, I'll bet.

Funny and nicely written poem.

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
That is very funny. Maybe she has OCD and is putting them in some kind of an order. I wonder what she would say if you caught her doing it? Nice story :)

This made me smile
I like the lilty rhythm which runs throughout :)