I dont know why this came into mind but it did XP... well maybe I do....

Smiles hide evreything

Smiles to lies
Tears from lies
Anger caused by lies

A smile hiding so much, showing how oblivous you can be
A tear will role down your check once you find out, find out all the lies
Anger, frustration caused by all these lies, wanting revenge so badly

But instead you just smile, hiding evreything again
Round and round the circle goes
Can anyone break it?
If you cant stand up
Needing strength
Have a friend
Then in the end
The circle broken being able to tell the truth again

Words by Courtney Marie Marion
Read 798 times
Written on 2009-02-25 at 03:52

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Sarah Mae
I love it Courtney
This poem shows a lot of feeling as your others do
This I would rate 10/10