"The Kiss" sculpture is found at the head of Percival Landing on the harbor in Olympia, WA


Seeing Through an Artist's Eye

The artist chose concrete to sculpt "The Kiss".
Playfully made the woman taller than the man,
his gaze uplifted, filled with total captivation ---
lemur eyes, mustached smile, desire unmistakable.
Her arm about the nape of neck, hand caressing cheek,
certainly she cherishes him, intentionally stokes his passion.
Concrete the perfect medium for immortality.

This image implanted firmly, as I take my morning walk,
when it hits me, somewhere between Key Bank,
7-11 across the street, and John Deere lawn equipment,
why it is, women place such importance upon relationships,
why they love us, despite flaws numerous as wharf rats.
They have an unremitting need for romance.
That's what the sculptor knew and finally I do too.

Poetry by Brian Oarr
Read 560 times
Written on 2009-02-27 at 00:16

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Brian Oarr
Thanks to Aliena I've learned that I had the wrong nmae for the sculptue and I've correct the poem. Thanks Anna, you're the best!


Hmm... Dunno if women's need for romance really is more unremitting than men's...

(I've been googling for a pic of the sculpture:
It looks just like your words!)

Purple Phoenix
With true art, you see something new everytime you look at it... as may be the case here. Beautifully written.

Blue River
I love the line "despite flaws numerous as wharf rats". I have never seen a wharf rat, but I imagine they are as numerous as my own flaws.

Nice imagery.