Love for one never seen!

(Voice of an anguished heart! *)

I don't know what I am going to write,
My soul is restless; I am seized with fright!
I know, I won't sleep all night,
I might as well pour my heart out right:

The one I am fretting over tonight,
Has blond, dishevelled hair, blue eyes,
He is the "prettiest boy in school",
He told me so; I think he is cool,
The girls fall over him right and left,
I can believe, I am no except...
He loves with passion,
He writes with compassion,
His words are full of sensitive pride,
He is the apple of everyone's eye,
He is a fine poet, I say with a sigh!
When a girl looks into his blue eyes,
She almost falls over to the side...
He cares a lot for his loved ones,
He can lay his life for dear ones,
That he can go to any length,
To save a girl's honour, without pretence,
Has spelled his doom in a manner of sense:
In trying to save a woman friend from a devil,
He nearly laid down his life, in a battle,
He got so badly hurt in the fight,
That he landed up in a hospital last night:
He's developed peritonitis, a condition,
In which the contents of the intestines,
Spill right over the abdomen inside,
Now the poison has spread in his blood,
And he has gone into septicaemic shock:
His consciousness' blurred, he is hallucinating,
Raving, semi-conscious, delirious & sweating,
He slips into coma off and on, his breathing's heavy,
His thoughts are hazy; he is fighting for his life crazy...

My breath chokes in my throat, as I write this,
So desperate am I, in my love for him,
All I can do, sitting a thousand miles away,
Is to smear this useless yellow page,
Pour it with black ink of my anguish,
In all but powerless, impotent rage:
My being a doctor is of no use,
When my friend's ready to blow life's fuse,
So, helplessly, I pray for my friend's soul!

This boy, who I did not know existed,
Just four months away, when the Bay I visited,
Is dear enough for me to lose my sleep,
To weep my heart's blood over, in disbelief,
To trouble my soul to such a degree,
I've never set my eyes on him;
How can I care so much, I'm in a fix,
He is our own dear Josh, Mexican2006!
Let's say a prayer for him tonight,
That he comes out a victor,
In his fight for life!

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

*A prayer for Josh: I sat up praying and scribbling poems all night to keep myself from going crazy, this is one of the most coherent of the four ones, that I penned.
** As I am posting this, I got a message that Josh has regained consciousness, this morning!
***That there are many more friends like this, I have made here on the Bay, whom I have come to love as dearly...and they know, who they are...
****Hey, Folks! I am very happy! I just got a message from Josh himself, he is in great pain still but he has survived (God has answered my prayers and of those who love him)!!!!!...He tells me he has brown eyes!

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 901 times
Written on 2006-01-28 at 04:59

Tags Anguish 

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Zoya......this heart hurts for you..this write for someone so dear to your heart and now....what has come..this day.. my heart reaches out to you..
love cindy:)

Wow--how wonderfully put and full of compassion!

Really love this

(hugs to Josh)

Wow - this one really... wow...

tears... just can't find...

sorrow and grief are such strong friends...

Lisa Zaran

How can I respond? Your words to me were so generous. You only missed me because I don't post here often enough.

I am glad you did though. Your poetry is astounding. Fresh and alive. Exuberant!

Adding you as a writing friend so I do not miss a single poem.

There is a fulness at all times; a fulness of comfort in Josh affliction; a fulness of guidance of every divine attribute, of wisdom, of power, of love; a fulness which it were impossible to survey, much less to explore. Come, beliver Zoya, and get all thy need supplied for thine-self and for Josh; ask largely, and thou shalt receive largely, for this "fulness" is inexhustible, and is treasured up where all the needy may reach. Then, see through the eyes of the great write C.S. Lewis: " When pain is to be borne a little courage helps more than knowledge, a little human sympathy more than much knowledge, and the least tincture of God's love, more than all." The grief as expressed in your poem, can only come from a heart that knows God!

A wonderful tribute to Josh it shows what a great heart you have,and the love for your fellow man :-)

A very big hug to both the author and the subject of these beautiful and moving lines

teary and very powerful!!

Ooh, this is so powerful and
so utterly caring..

You write like a goddess :) *smile*

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
zoya this is a beautiful poem and well done for the expressive way you dealt with it regds mike

This brought tears to my eyes! I feel for you Zoya! I am so glad to hear that Josh is ok! Josh, get all healthy soon!!! :))
So he has blonde hair, brown eyes right? Naturally? I don't know if I've ever seen that...I probably would have thought he had blue eyes too. :)

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Friends,
I could not post this earlier, because of electricity problems, as I posted this, I noticed Josh's poem! As you can see he has recovered enough to post a poem himself!
May God Bless him!
xxx, Zoya