...how we always make plans but never quite set aside time to do what we set to do....take an example this weeks plan!

Procrastination-(Journey to the Sun)

I want to journey to the Sun,
so I set me a driving plan

Actions must take starting Mon,
Wait..thats when am to see that man.

So I then compress my Tue,
hoping to accomplish all that's due.

Wont raise a finger,here's free Wed,
rest feels good, so much for plans i made

My thoughts wander, I forget this is Thur,
So I go out ,on a date with her.

Then there's where I go every Fri,
I disregard my plans,without a sigh.

So much undone, yet this is Sat,
I look around am still at the start.

I pick up my drivin plan....
and pretend this is not that Sun.

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 795 times
Written on 2006-01-28 at 11:06

Tags Life 

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this is really true.dont we set out to start and when we are to end we realize we never started?

Ok, WOW! Can I quote you? :) Really nice

Ok, WOW! Can I quote you? :) Really nice

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
that's why I don't make plans.
well done.

...this is very creative, the shortened days that in reality are always so long, nevertheless we never quite get to do what we set ourselves to in time , now do we?
...i enjoyed reading this...

Don't i just understand it. Thats life i guess.

Zoya Zaidi
Yes! That's how the life goes!
And that's how the life goes!
Just goes away!!!
And one day you wake to find:
"It has gone away!"

Ce' est live'!

I hope, I got it right!

(((hugs In'kwa)))))

(By the way what does In'kwa mean?)

xxx, Zoya

A good play on words an enjoyable read keep it up :-))