If you don't want it done to you, don't do it to someone else.


She's really beautiful tonight,
There with your friend,
And your other friends,
Here we are together at a bar,
We joke, we drink and we kid,

Busy, everybody is busy nowadays,
We forget who we are,
And what we mean to each other,
Neglect clouds our thoughts,
And we believe it is forget,
And forget is just like acid to trust,

We wonder if there is more a crowd than a company,
And now comes jealousy,
And love and jealousy,
Is like mixing beer with liquor,
There is just no good outcome to this,

However from this, if we're lucky,
We find the basics,
Of who we are, and we are together,
Through all of this,
And how broken one is without the other,

They say that we are as faithful as our options,
But it also has been said that,
There is no freedom without the law,
We seek for more than we cherish all too much,
All too wrong,
All because we are not truthful to ourselves,
And to each other,

I learned always to approach the opposite,
By always looking at the hands,
And I feel that's a good practice,
Because of course, we here to have a good time,
But we must always know where the boundaries are,

But to the ones who want to cross that line,
This is for you,
Why do we have create more problems,
Than what can be handled,
Finish what you started first,
Even athletes must be released before they go to another team,
Thrill fades too quickly in that game,
And in the end, you wind up making boundaries by force,

Ah, the things accomplished, night and day,
There is no love without trust,
And with trust comes responsibility,
To the ones who trust you have earned,
Work real hard not to neglect that,
And love each other enough not to forget that,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 864 times
Written on 2009-04-03 at 08:20

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melanie sue
"Finish what you started first,"....this poem and especially these words, remind me so much of my baby brother, 7 years younger, for he made millions, climbed that ladder, and fell off.....

I still love his exwife, my, wonderful little sister in law