With every phone call I take.


Between the phone lines,
Of every credit card company,
There are two sides,
All driven by one thing,
We give and we take,
More than what we need,
More than what we want,

And if you can't get it from place,
You go to another,
Til someone says yes,
Til someone caves in,
And rarely does the objective,
Truly accomplish the goal in the first place,

Greed comes from two factors,
Opportunity and push,

Opportunity of course, comes in forms,
Person, place and things,
And that thing is usually money,
It's the mother of the hustle,
Why we go to work,
Why we want what we want,
And why we want what we cannot have,

The push is how far can we go,
And it happens to everyone,
No matter how cautious you are,
If you can take it there, you will,
Just to see if you can get away with,
And if you don't think it's true,
When was the last time,
You tried to talk yourself out of trouble,
Get a fee waived?,
Get out of a tciket?,
It's the push, or if you wish, shove,
To get where you need to go,

And it is this cocktail,
Is the reason why either people are drunk from it,
Or still suffering a serious hangover,
'Moderatation' has become a dead practice,
Practiced by the few, the proud, the elderly,
And disciples of the seminars,
Who are paying for info they should already know,
So I guess in a way, they're still losing,

What do we do?,
Whatever will we do?,
Be honest with yourself first,
And then let that spread,
Opportunity is just that, an idea,
Doesn't mean you always act before you think,
Jumping off a building is an opportunity,
But no one is trying to fly,
Or are they?,

And push,
We can call dealers pusher,
Car salesman, pushers,
But focus,
Why do have something you could have gotten for better?,
'Cause someone said so,
Like I said so,
You buy Tylenol for the 'Brand' not the cure,
Even the Cranberries made a title of it,
"Everybody is doing it, why can't we?',

Moderation and Honesty are two lonely words,
Sitting in the park,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 1036 times
Written on 2009-04-09 at 03:13

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lol I enjoyed this view of the greedy in the world saga, it needs an edit, you wrote it so fast your fingers could not keep up with your sharp minds work. I have found that every move I make turns out to be for a very good reason and I also believe that we get what we need in life in order to arrive at a place that we want to be. If you see what I mean. I must be one of the proud because I am certainly not one of the meek!lol great take on our consuming rather than exhuming our true credentials, such as honesty and integrity in moderation.

Loved it

Smiling at you, wishing you a chocolatey easter


Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
these daze are the time of thrift. Careful, thoughtful choices as to how and why we spend is a must. The credit cards always purr just before they bite!